Monday, February 21, 2011

The Honey Month, Day 21 (2/21/2011)

I'm not sure what lychee tastes like, but I know where to find a link!

"Day 21 - Bamboo Honey

Colour: Orange amber, complete with cloudiness and bubbles.

Smell: thick and gummy; raisins; a hint of molasses.

Taste: Lychee. Completely. Strong, beautiful, lychee-thickened-with-honey with a side of light raisins."

A lovely piece of magic realism today, involving a vaguely ominous pie baking home invader. I mean, this is the most dangerous pie you've ever heard of. This is the Dracula of pie bakers - there's a strong vampire flavour here, which crosses both of the month's themes. Amal packs a delightful punch of unease and menace into this piece, it's the sort of story that will plant its barbs in you and niggle at you for the rest of the day. Excellent.