Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Honey Month, Day 23 (2/23/2011)

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"Day 23 - Tart Cherry Creamed Honey

Colour: The colour of quince syrup: a dark beautiful red amber.

Smell: I wonder what it is about creaming honey that produces that unpleasantness? All the creamed ones have had it so far, an odd body-like odour that I'm coming to realise promises deliciousness. There's a sharpness to this one too, though, a hint of pine resin.

Taste: Cherries steeped in syrup or wine."*

Ouch - a gut punch of a scene today, unrequited lust, perhaps? It's a scene that, perhaps, we're all familiar with - we see someone across a room that we like, and we build fantasies about how meeting them will be, and then, as we go to meet them, they do not react as we had expected them to react, and the whole fantasy collapses. This scene does that quite nicely - a fine piece of writing.

*Perhaps a cherry lambic?