Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Honey Month, day 26 (2/26/2011)

Today's link - with photos!

"Day 26 - Blackberry Creamed Honey

Colour: Red as melted garnets, Pinot Noir, blackberry syrup cut with water. This is the reddest honey I've seen yet.

Smell: Qurban, the bread they serve at funerals.*

Taste: The honey takes a back seat to the blackberry. It's like a blackberry syrup, like toot, mulberry syrup my mother would mix up with water to make us a summer drink.** Delicious, sweet, and smooth."

A nice lyric poem today about rescuing someone from self-inflicted, and self-perpetuating, isolation. It's sweet; but I can't help but wonder what happens after the rescuer leaves - the man is free from himself now, but how does he react?

*Some quick research seems to indicate that Qurban is a Lebanese delicacy, a sweet bread used in Orthodox and Coptic communion, but also widely sold during the week. Recipe here, with a lovely picture. A different recipe here, with a less groomed picture. I have no reason to doubt that the bread is served at funerals, but I cannot find a reference which indicates that.

** Sharab El Toot is a traditional Lebanese drink made from mulberries - a secondary product of Lebanon's silk production. Pictures and a recipe here - it is a delicious looking red colour. Perhaps a close approximation might be Ribena, which is a British black currant syrup.