Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Honey Month, Day 27 (2/27/2011)

"Day 27 - Leatherwood Honey

Colour: Chardonnay. I look at its pale yellow-gold and imagine the buttery aftertaste. Beautifully, stickily liquid and clear.

Smell: Candy-sweet with a creaminess to it, white flowers and sugared milk.

Taste: High sweetness; on the register of sweetness this would [be] a top note. A sweetness you taste behind your eyes. Petals and light."

Today's piece muses on a (mythical?) Victorian language of honey.* It's short, and an interesting exercise in world building, but I found the messages that Amal associated with various honeys to be a little unpleasant. I think this is my least favorite piece in the book, and it comes right at the end, which is a shame.

*I can't find anything in a cursory look to indicate a Victorian language of honey, but there was a secret language of flowers, and of fans, and of hair styles, so why not honey?

Late post today, so Amal has already posted her DVD extras - link in the title, above.