Tuesday, March 1, 2011

addenda, 3/1/2011

I failed to mention that hapax sent me some ARC's on Saturday (well, they arrived on Saturday):

Holly Black, ed - Zombies vs. Unicorns

A collection of short stories devoted to answering, once and for all, the timeless question - "who would win in a fight, zombies or unicorns?" This looks like goofy good fun.

Amy Chau - Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother

You may have seen something about this - The Wall Street Journal caused a stir with an artistically edited excerpt which made Chau's thesis out to be that Asian parents, in their harsh parenting style, raise better kids. Chau, and some of her reviewers contend that the book does not conclude anything of the sort; that it is, instead, a story of a journey away from that model of parenting. We shall see.