Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Library Day, 2/28/2011

So, I've got a small stack of books that I've been waiting to read because they don't have vampires in them:

From today's trip,

Walter Jon Williams - This is Not a Game

I read Williams' discussion of his second novel at John Scalzi's site. He discussed his first book (this one), and it sounded fantastic. This is the story of an augmented reality game - you sign up to play online, and suddenly you're being sent missions and getting phone calls and text messages - you play the game in real life, in real time. The game in this book spins somewhat out of control, and turns into a revolution. Anyway, it looks good, it was at the library today, I grabbed it.

From earlier:

Andrew Lane - Death Cloud

Andrew Lane decided to write the story of how Sherlock Holmes became Sherlock Holmes - an adolescent detective solving crimes and becoming Sherlock Holmes as we know him. Lane suggested that the novel would put Holmes through hell, and that it wouldn't end well.