Monday, February 7, 2011

The Honey Month, Day 7 (2/7/2011)

eta: link exists.

"Day 7 - Thistle Honey

Colour: Sauvignon Blanc again; pale clear gold.

Smell: Similar to clover honey*, light, with a tiny bit of green apple.

Taste: Intriguing - definitely an apple taste, definitely green apple, and again, this is one of the refreshing ones; there's a crispness and a mellowness at once, and I feel it's playful, a child among honeys, but a wise-eyed child, somehow, the kind to whom you'd speak seriously one moment before tickling the next."**

I absolutely adore today's piece of fiction, certainly one of my favorites in the book. It's a DeLintesque piece of modern magic, although entirely El-Mohtar in voice and spirit. Cornwall is one of those places where you feel that things of an other nature might happen - it has that whole King Arthur vibe. Anyway, an absolutely delightful piece of fiction, fully complete and satisfying in itself - a little longer than some of the other works in the book, but clearly happy to be itself, and not yearning for another little piece to connect it to something else.

* clover honey is the sort of honey you usually get in the store; the stuff in the squeezy bear.

** note that this paragraph is evidence that Amal would make an excellent aunt.