Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Honey Month, Day 8 (2/8/2011)

"Day 8 - Raspberry Creamed Honey

Colour: Close to cognac but a little lighter, with a hint of pale pink rose when the light shines through it; also, very evenly cloudy.

Smell: Hmm. Similarly to the peach creamed honey, there's an unpleasantness - an odd non-food smell, like sugared belly-button fuzz*, and warm.

Taste: Pure raspberries. Raspberries made golden. Tart sharpness made smooth, and it's amazing. Much clearer fruit taste than the other creamed honeys so far."

Ooooo, another example of dreamy magic realism, delicious. As Amal's DVD extra for today suggests (I'm late in posting today), this piece is a little meta, but I think it works perfectly well without the back story too. It's a beautiful piece of writing which, like yesterday's, hints at a bigger narrative while standing entirely on its own.

No discussion of belly-button fuzz within the story, though - only flaw.

*ummm, ok, ewww?