Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Honey Month, Day 9 (2/9/2011)

eta: link is up now.

"Day 9 - Zambian Honey

Colour: Mulled cider; caramelized orange peels.

Smell: Dry and fresh at once, like a windy wheat field. Sunshine - my first impression. Spring sunshine, golden without heat, because the wind's stolen it away. But also earth; not damp, but not cracked dry. Earth just shy of being dust, caked gold.

Taste: This is the first of the honeys to have crystallised in the vial; I drew the wand out covered in chunks. Oh, and it is dry and burnished, caramel tones, burnt-sugar tasting and thick, strong; close to buckwheat honey, that distinctive taste, brown. Makes me think of the scent of beeswax, and the darker colours of it, too."

A nice poem of unrequited love with dry baked earth and bees as potent metaphors. Irregular meter, and occasional rhymes. Simple, short, sweet, and a little sad.