Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Library Monday - Tuesday After Memorial Day Edition, 5/31/2011

Well, that's a big exciting title, isn't it? Utterly meaningless, however, as I have nothing to put in this post. Here's why.

On Sunday morning, I will be headed to Kansas City, MO, to do research. Long time readers know what that means - trashy book week! There will be two this month, because at the end of the month I'm headed to DC. So, I got a hugeish stack of trashy paperbacks of various genres tonight.

What do I mean by a trashy book? It has to be a paperback. It has to be part of a recognizable genre - I have some sci-fi (I think), a couple of romances, some thrillers, and maybe a mystery novel. Perhaps it is written by a "Big Name" author, someone who writes lots and lots of paperbacks of a recognizable genre. Perhaps it is not. Perhaps it is written by a committee, under a pen name (like the Alex Archer Rogue Angel books - I don't have any of those this trip, but perhaps next trip.)Occasionally, I happen upon something brilliant. Often, I end up with awful dreck. The goal is to read books that shut down my brain so that I can process what I've been looking at in the library. So, that's what I've got, and I'll post about them later this week - maybe Friday, maybe Saturday. I have two plane trips to weather, so I hope my stash holds out!

I should note that my wife did find a copy of Jane Eyre in the Young Adult section.