Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hickey of the Beast Wednesday, 7/13/2011


Chapter 18

A critical meeting of Connie's Scoobies - but Connie has to be both Buffy and Giles, because she's the one with the vampire knowledge. Only, maybe it's an incubus? Connie, Autumn and Jenny reject the idea of an exorcism, because it seems silly, and, anyway, who would do it?

Father Donnell was Springden's Catholic chaplain.  ...  He also looked like an accountant and had a thick South Boston accent. 
"The powah of Christ compels you!" said Jenny. "Now go pahk your cah..." 
"I think you have to do exorcisms in Latin," I said, "and I bet he doesn't have the accent there." 
"Bet he does. ..."
 Basically, the girls conclude that they don't know enough about what's going on to accurately and effectively address the situation, and yet they feel the situation needs addressing, because this thing - vampire, incubus, whatever - probably needs to feed regularly, so it'll be back.

This is chapter 18 - we're coming to the end of the rising action, so I'm expecting some sort of narrative climax soon, before this story turns a corner and we head into the home stretch, as Connie and her friends figure out how to deal with the monster. It's been a fun ride thus far, and I anticipate only good things for the last third of the book...