Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Monday Library Post (on Tuesday), 7/12/2011

Yesterday WAS library day, and we did go, but posting about it got lost in hair cuts and other such nonsense.

Two books:

Cherie Priest - Bloodshot

Vampire caper novels? By Cherie Priest? Oh, I'm ALL over that!

Rick Smith and Bruce Lourie - Slow Death by Rubber Duck

Everything will kill you. This is a book about the pollutants we encounter and absorb on a daily basis from every day stuff. Smith and Lourie are Canadian environmental scientists involved in a voluntary project whereby they test the blood of Canadian volunteers for pollutants. When they set out to write this book, they decided to use themselves as guinea pigs, and test themselves for pollutants, and see how easily pollutants could be absorbed from various sources. This is either going to be a very scary book or a very reassuring book - I'm not sure yet.