Friday, October 14, 2011

An Early Friday Post

But not a review, yet. Instead, I am engaged in my tireless quest to find new things to read, both for me and for you, dear readers. In a little over a month, Delia Sherman's* new book, The Freedom Maze, will be published. It is being published by a small Indy press, Small Beer Press. It looks really good:
It’s 1960, but on the decayed Fairchild sugar plantation in rural Louisiana, vestiges of a grimmer past remain—the old cottage, overgrown garden maze, relations between white and black races.Stuck for the summer in the family ancestral home under the thumb of her cranky, imperious grandmother, Sophie, 13, makes a reckless wish that lands her in 1860, enslaved—by her own ancestors.
Doesn't that sound good? Anyway, Ms. Sherman has two Advanced Reader Copies available. By posting this link - - I am entering a contest to win one of those ARCs, so that I can review the book before it hits the stores. Not only that!

Posting a link will not only put you in the running for an advance peek at The Freedom Maze, but is a great way to help the cause of independent publishing. Which, in this increasingly conservative publishing climate, is very important for the future of all writers of odd, provocative, non-dominant-culture books.  Let's show the Big Boys how many of us there are out there.