Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday Library Day, 10/11/2011

No luck on finding my sequels today. We're back at the library tomorrow for a (much belated) celebration of the Chinese Moon Festival, (The festival was preempted by the flood about a month ago) so perhaps I'll be able to find the book tomorrow. Today, however, I found four books. In no particular order:

Joseph Lunieviez - Open Wounds

A book about a young man in New York learning stage fencing as an escape from the mean streets. The jacket matter suggests that it's a cross between The Book Thief and Gangs of New York. I don't know; I grabbed it because it's got a fencing foil on the cover:

Simon Garfield - Just My Type

A book about fonts. Seriously, it's a book about type face fonts. It looks very clever.

John Sandford - Bad Blood

Sandford, as you know, is one of my guilty pleasures. This is one of the Virgil Flowers novels. I haven't even read the jacket matter for this one.

Mark Charam Newton - Nights of Villjamur

Dark gloomy sci fi with an East Indian flavor. The sequel to this was on the new book shelf, so I went hunting and grabbed the first book. The jacket matter compares Newton to Mieville and Richard K. Morgan. I like both Mieville and Morgan, so.