Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Honey Month, Day 14 (posted 2/15/2011)

So, yeah, circumstances conspired against my plan to post this when I got in last night. Basically, I didn't get in until this morning, at which point I was more concerned with setting up the basinette again, and feeding the various beasts, and falling asleep myself. Anyway, here is yesterday's post.

"Day 14 - Raspberry Honey*

Colour: The dark gold of apple juice, or strong green tea.

Smell: Brown honey smells, hay and a bit of molasses.

Taste: Texture-wise: tending towards crystallising,but not there yet. Almost gelatinous on the wand, but there are bits dreaming of being sugar clumps when I put it against my tongue. It's sweet - dries your mouth out. It makes me thing of flower petals, of attar, without tasting of any particular king that I can distinguish."

A short, sweet poem today - a love song to Night and Sleep - this would have been quite apropos yesterday, because it was Valentine's Day, and because I wanted very much to be asleep, and not driving through snow and wind gusts.

*No, she didn't do Raspberry already - that was Raspberry CREAMED Honey.