Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Honey Month, Day 17 (2/17/2011)

"Day 17 - Ugandan Honey

Colour: Cloudy mulled cider - mulled because the crystallised chunks in it make me thing of orange peel.

Smell: Carob molasses and hay.

Taste: A savoury flavour: black olives and smoked cheese. It's so unusual, so earthy."*

A short piece of fiction today, a story of a land where the honey is highly sustaining - an ounce will feed a family for a month - and sacrificial bees. It doesn't need anything else, but it seems to call out for more story - I don't know if that makes sense. There are some pieces in the book which seem incomplete, and so seem to demand additional narration, and there are other pieces which are so complete in themselves that there is no need for more. This is neither - it is complete, the cycle of narration is closed, and yet it feels like the beginning of something bigger - it seems a waste of some beautifully descriptive prose for it to go no further. Basically, there are several pieces in this collection that I would love to see expanded, simply to experience more of the world they describe.

*This is intriguing. There are several honeys in the collection that I would like to try, but this is the first one that I have tried to find for purchase - without success. I did find a site dedicated to Ugandan honey, but there was no way to buy it, short of going to Uganda.