Friday, February 18, 2011

The Honey Month, Day 18 (2/18/2011)

Link is up - Amal's DVD comments for today make this story a full degree more creepy.

"Day 18 - Manuka Honey

Colour: Mulled cider - but more specifically the dark froth that gathers at the top. This one is also cloudy, with darker splotches in some parts.

Smell: Medicinal. Eucalyptus? A bit like lemon candy, too.

Taste: It tastes like medicine, like cough syrup. I asked my sister to try it for a second opinion, because it tasted like something very specific from our childhood, but while she said medicine, she couldn't narrow it down any further. Cough syrup it remains - or what cough syrup should have tasted like, had it actually been taken with honey."

Today's short piece is another of my favorites from the book - the one with the ravens. Like the story with the ring, it has a strong flavour of autobiography to it - it's probably not autobiographical, entirely, in that it has a very strong element of fantasy to it, but it feels autobiographical; it's told using an autobiographical voice. I think, if I were organizing the various pieces of the collection in separate books, I'd put this one in with the ring story - the voice is similar enough that you could weave some sort of narrative between them, and have it all work nicely. I'd like to read that book, actually.

Today's honey, though, I do not think I would like it at all.