Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Honey Month, Day 16 (2/16/2011)

"Day 16 - Blueberry Honey

Colour: The exact shade and clarity of apple juice from concentrate.

Smell: Juicy-sweet, with such a faint blueberry scent I could almost swear I was imagining it. But I'm more sure it's there.

Taste: Blue and cold. Water on a bright day, so blue as to challenge those who would call the water colourless, a sky-mirror. It's a deep blue, and it's a liquid honey, the flexible kind that spindles itself into shapes when stretched. Active, passionate, deep."

A poem of all consuming passion, blank verse. I thought the metaphor was a little conventional, but Amal pushes and pulls it nicely into her own shape, resulting in a largely satisfying finished product. It's not the best piece in the book, but it's strong and good anyway.